Crafted with care the modern way

Kingstone Press offers a range of great tasting ciders for all to enjoy.

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Why choose Kingstone Press Cider?

Award-winning Kingstone Press is expertly crafted by our cider makers at the Aston Manor Cider Mill on the banks of the River Severn. Created using a delicious blend of bittersweet Michelin and Dabinett apples grown in our orchards across Herefordshire and Worcestershire balanced with the juice from eating apples.

The result? A refreshingly good cider you know and trust.


Doing things right

Kingstone Press has a simple mission - to provide a range of great tasting ciders for pub goers across the UK.

Crafted with care the modern way

The sustainability and variety of our apples is crucial for us to deliver the finest tasting ciders, which is why we work with over twenty different farmer partners and agree twenty five year contracts to secure our supply for a generation. 

Taking years of cider knowledge, crafted with care, in a modern way to ensure you get a quality cider every time with Kingstone Press.


Kingstone Press Cider is available nationwide in pubs, bars & sports arenas.

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