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Friels Vintage Cider is made using 100% British apples.

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Why Choose Friels Vintage Cider?

The ultimate in cider indulgence, with the first-press of Herefordshire apples at the heart and soul of Friels including Red Falstaff, Katy & Windsor varieties; our award-winning Vintage cider provides a gloriously fresh taste at a higher ABV to carry through the intense flavour of the apples to its highest possible potential.

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First Press Vintage Cider

Each season’s crop produces slightly different flavour characteristics due to the weather conditions that have helped to grow the apples throughout the year. We welcome nature rewarding us with the new season’s fruit, it’s special and we celebrate that by declaring each year’s vintage.

Friels vintage cider

Just pure refreshment

We believe things taste better when they're made using the purest ingredients. At Friels, we don't use any artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours in our cider to ensure you get an all-natural flavour hit every time. 

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