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New identity for Frosty Jack's Cider

Frosty Jack's Cider, the second biggest apple cider brand in the convenience channel, has invested to update and enhance its branding.

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16th August 2019

The fresh contemporary design builds appeal with existing consumers and looks to recruit new drinkers to the brand. It follows comprehensive research of existing and potential 

Frosty Jack’s consumers.  Frosty Jack’s has the highest brand loyalty in the cider market, with 60% of its customers’ total cider spend being spent on the brand*.

The new design marks the latest development in a year of transformation for Frosty Jack’s as Aston Manor Cider, the producer of the brand, looks to lead the industry with its social and environmental sustainability programme.

It was announced in April that Frosty Jack’s would stop production of its 3L PET bottles and switch to 2.5L. This is forecast to remove 22 million units from the market annually.

Frosty Jack’s packaging is already fully recyclable, and at the turn of this year Aston Manor went one step further by introducing 51% recycled content into its PET packaging - a first for the alcohol market. Approximately 1,000 tonnes of raw material will be saved annually, equalling 25 million fewer bottles made from the original material.

Gordon Johncox, chief executive of Aston Manor Cider, said: “This contemporary design for Frosty Jack’s is an important step for the brand.

“We have introduced significant changes this year - from the reduction in bottle size to the recycled content in the packaging - to ensure it is leading the industry on sustainability issues. We are delighted with how the new look embodies our forward-thinking nature.

“The research shows many key consumers respond extremely well to the new identity of Frosty Jack’s and we anticipate this will attract additional consumers to try this market leading product.

“This also supports our objective for Frosty Jack’s to be less reliant on larger packaging formats. Consumer preference has been shifting to smaller packs recently, which is demonstrated as Frosty Jack’s in cans are in double digit growth, and we expect this investment to accelerate that progress.”

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