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Company announcement: James Ellis

After 10 years, James Ellis is set to step down as chief financial officer for Aston Manor Cider at the end of Summer 2019.

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2nd July 2019

In his announcement to his ‘friends and family at Aston Manor’, James recalls how the business has grown into a well-established organisation made up of a multitude of departments and bodies.

He notes that “although my departure marks the end of the long association that the Ellis family has enjoyed with Aston Manor, Aston Manor remains a family business.”

James reflected on how the business has “rapidly grown to control 90% of the UK private label and off trade value markets" and spoke about the ethos Aston Manor: “The company has its mission, vision and values embedded in the business, and we have a corporate identity that our customers genuinely do identify with.”

James goes on to mention how Aston Manor changing hands to Agrial, the French farming and food cooperative, “provides strong security for the future of this family business”.

As well as identifying with Aston Manor’s orchard to glass philosophy, Agrial are "financially very strong, they have strong corporate social responsibility values, and employee welfare values. They have ambition to grow the global cider category using Aston Manor as the driving force.”

In anticipation of this move and with succession planning in place, a series of internal appointments have been made to ensure continuity and a smooth transition.

After the passing of both his father Peter Ellis and his grandfather Sir Doug Ellis (founder of Aston Manor Cider), James now feels that it is the right time for him to “write a completely new chapter” of his own. “I continue to remain available, engaged, and committed to Aston Manor, it’s objectives, and everyone who works here.”

James signs off with the personal comment that he “will be taking with me very many happy memories.” 

Everyone at Aston Manor would like to thank James for his hard work and dedication over the last decade, and wish him the very best of luck with his next venture. 

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