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Budget Reaction from Gordon Johncox

Aston Manor ready to toast the Chancellor

Aston Manor ready to toast the Chancellor

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21st March 2014

“At Aston Manor we are very happy to toast George Osborne this evening with a delicious glass of Kingstone Press cider.

“It is great news that the Chancellor has decided to freeze the duty on cider so that responsible drinkers are able to enjoy quality cider now the cycle of continual above inflation increases is broken.

“This common sense decision sustains our confidence that we can deliver further growth in the business with the ambitious investment plans we have – plans that have already transformed Aston Manor Cider in the last few years.

“Our investment cycle is measured in decades, hence we have a critical need for stability on duty and policy and we hope this decision signals a period of sustained support from Government for a great British success story, and Aston Manor wants to play a full part in that.”

Investment and export priorities

“Having been on the largest ever UK trade delegation last December, I know first-hand of David Cameron’s wish to increase manufacturing and export opportunities for British businesses – with the plans announced today it looks like the Government intends to deliver on that in terms of supporting businesses that want to invest and also export.

“Further significant investment in our business and prioritising export markets is vital for Aston Manor, so we are delighted to hear George Osborne’s speech today – we will look to squeeze every ounce of opportunity out of what has been promised to support the development of our business.”

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