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Our response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation @ 18/3/20

Aston Manor Cider has in place a sensible and precautionary response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) issue that is being led by a senior and dedicated team drawn from across our business.

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18th March 2020

Our close monitoring of what is a very dynamic situation has meant we have escalated our response since this situation first arose and we are alert to changing circumstances and revised guidance from relevant agencies including recommendations and instructions from Government.

We are in continuous contact with suppliers and the feedback from them is informing the action we take in both the near and medium term.

That communication with suppliers in relation to the materials to sustain production means we currently have appropriate assurances to believe it is ‘business as usual’ so that our customers can continue to place and receive orders as normal.

However, our planning has been extended to anticipate, as far as is possible, potential considerations that need to be mitigated.

Though these are exceptional times and we are continually reviewing production planning and forecasts to ensure the continuity of supply in every situation possible.

Should we need to make any changes to the way we work with supplier and customer partners we will contact them at the earliest opportunity to discuss this.

And in a rapidly changing situation we are also asking customers to keep lines of communication open and let us know of any changes they anticipate.

At the heart of our approach is that we respond appropriately and proportionately to mitigate the risks for our people, our customer and supplier partners and for the people in the communities we are part of. We are also focused on minimising disruption to regular operations and the maintenance of the consumer supply chains we are part of.

Though not exhaustive, some of the measures already in place include:

  • Prominent reminders to all our people of the good practice hygiene protocols we operate at all sites, enhancing facilities in some instances
  • The implementation of a restrictive new policy on all face-to-face contact including visitors to our sites
  • Having planned and tested systems resilience to support an increased number of our people working from home and we are acting to increase our resilience further
  • Having identified the functions and people that need to be on site we are putting in place measures to support the continuity of operations including identifying spaces within our sites where people can work and that allow for ‘social distancing’
  • Understanding the individual circumstances of our people to inform our support for and expectations of them. This includes recognition of primary care responsibilities, existing health conditions and the like. We want our people to take the right action for them, their colleagues and the business.

We are grateful for the hard work and determination of our people. They continue to demonstrate a willingness to support our customers, one another and the business.