Local MP checks on progress at Tiverton site


Local MP checks on progress at Tiverton site

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Paul Clifford, Site Director at Tiverton, hosted Neil Parish, MP last Friday and explained the purpose.

“Neil is MP for Tiverton and Honiton and hence takes a keen interest in what happens at the site.

“On this visit, I and Gordon Johncox, took him through the investment that has been made and told him first hand of the increased capacity, capability and extra employment created as a result.



“We were also able to share with him our plans for further investment to continue the programme of transforming the site since it was first acquired by Aston Manor.

“Our purpose was to update Neil as part of the ongoing commitment we have to keep our neighbours informed and consulted on the continued progress we are making.

“Neil left knowing that he is assured a warm welcome in the future.”

For his part, Neil looks set to take up the invitation, he said: “I look forward to my next visit. On this occasion I was delighted to see the significant investment made by Aston Manor Cider at the Tiverton plant.

“The millions invested has secured the future success of the facility and of course creates much needed jobs in the town.

“Looking at the plans in place, I wish Aston Manor continued success in the months and years ahead.”





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