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The UK’s largest independent cider maker, Aston Manor, is extending its diverse portfolio with a new vintage cider, launched under the Friels brand.

A premium cider, Friels First Press Vintage, is made using 100% fresh apples from the first press of culinary and dessert apples. The refreshment for the cider comes from a selection of apple varieties, from the 2014 harvest.

Created in response to increasing consumer demand for craft cider, Friels First Press Vintage represents a small batch product at 7.4 per cent ABV – ideal for those looking for a quality, authentic cider.

To reflect the high-quality crafted cider, the packaging for Friels First Press Vintage has been given a premium, contemporary look and feel with a vintage design label. The pin-up model, synonymous with Friels, has been moved to the back of the bottle with a new, bolder type face replacing her on the front.

The refreshing new addition to Aston Manor Cider’s portfolio, is the start of a new product line-up for Friels. Glen Friel, sales and marketing director, at the Midlands-based business, commented on the ambitions the cider producer has for the brand: “The Friels brand has always stood for premium products made with 100% fresh apples, never with concentrate, just refreshingly pure and flavoursome cider.

“There is a growing interest around the authenticity and origins of cider, which we can tap into with Friels First Press Vintage.”

“Historically, the ‘first press’ represented the best juice available from the harvested crop. Friels First Press Vintage will be made in small batches, meaning consumers can expect to enjoy something very special.

“Friels First Press Vintage will tick all the boxes for cider drinkers searching for an authentic, great tasting cider. And, due to its contemporary brand image, it will also have great appeal for those new to the category that are keen to explore.”

Aston Manor Cider’s recently-appointed cider maker, Josh Faulkner-Elliott, has been overseeing the production of Friels First Press Vintage. He added: “Friels First Press Vintage is unique – it’s made using only the juiciest, first press of Red Falstaff, Katy and Windsor varieties. Nothing is added or taken away so the consumer is getting all the flavour and refreshment.

“This was the first project I got involved in when I joined Aston Manor Cider. I’ve had the pleasure of overseeing it from the apples being harvested, through pressing, fermentation and maturation to the fantastic finished product we have now.”

The new-look Friels brand will have its own website and social media program to provide a platform for consumers to engage with the brand.


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