Exciting opportunity for Frosty Jack’s


Exciting opportunity for Frosty Jack’s

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We are taking the bold decision to extend the range for our largest brand, Frosty Jack’s, with two new products which we believe will broaden the appeal of Frosty Jack’s the 2nd largest brand by volume in the take home trade.

The launch sees the brand as an amber cider for the first time. We are launching a  lower ABV 6%  product in a 2-litre pack as well as a 7.5% ABV amber cider alongside the existing product.

Gordon Johncox explains: “Frosty Jack’s is a brand with a great deal of appeal to a broad number of different consumers – many more than some people imagine based on a few ‘urban myths’ around the brand.

“We have invested resource  to understand the consumers who enjoy the product and an element of this work has also been to consider how we can add to the range of products under the Frosty Jack’s brand.

“The move to an amber cider is an exciting development and something with a lot of potential. The 6%  ABV amber cider will deliver all the refreshment and flavour characteristics of Frosty Jack’s original but at a lower ABV  .

The feedback from retailers and consumers will be considered as part of the ongoing product and portfolio development work we do.

Gordon Johncox again: “Frosty Jack’s is the second largest take-home cider brand by volume –  Clearly that success is based on appealing to a broad and  diverse groups of cider consumers .

“This presents an incremental opportunity to see how these consumers enjoy the brand and the great quality liquid in another format.

“We are delighted with how are plans have been received and excited about how well the new products will be received.”


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