Aston Manor Cider makes further strides to reduce plastic packaging


Aston Manor makes further strides to reduce plastic packaging

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Aston Manor Cider, one of the UK’s leading cider makers, has again reduced use of on plastic packaging, replacing shrink wrap and plastic rings with card equivalents for its multipack canned ciders.

The business has installed an eco-card packing machine as part of its extensive sustainability programme. By switching from shrink wrap to card, a major retailer that has committed to the change estimates it will save 6.7 tonnes of raw materials annually.

The new cardboard multipacks will be introduced on popular brands including Crumpton Oaks, Friels and Frosty Jack’s.

This brings the Aston Manor’s total investment in production capability to over £3 million for 2019 and over £30 million across the last five years, with all investment required to meet the expanding sustainability ambitions of the business.

Jamie Weall, Aston Manor’s head of compliance, said: “As all of our packaging is either reusable, recyclable or compostable, it is the next significant and logical step for the business to take to replace shrink wraps and plastic rings with a more sustainable cardboard option.

“We have moved to install the eco-card packing machine at our Tiverton site as we are striving to remove unnecessary plastics from our products. These alternatives make is much easier for customers to recycle once they have enjoyed our cider.

“It has been a clear priority for Aston Manor over several years to become as sustainable as possible. We have taken important measures across every facet of the business to deliver on this promise.”

Aston Manor’s sustainability programme has seen the business introduce an alcohol industry leading 51% recycled plastic content to its large pack PET bottles earlier. The business estimates that this move will save approximately 1,000 tonnes of raw material annually, which will mean 25 million fewer plastic bottles made from the original material.

The cider maker was the first alcohol producer to sign up for the UK Plastics Pact, the collaborative initiative that will create a circular economy for plastic packaging. They are also a member of the On-Pack Recycling Label scheme, which delivers a simple, consistent and UK-wide recycling message on every brand or own-label product packaged across their sites in the West Midlands and Devon.

Aston Manor’s endeavours to lead the industry with its sustainability agenda has been recognised with several business awards. In September it was named Green Business of the Year, and subsequently Company of the Year, at the Birmingham Post Business Awards. The business was also given the Large Business of the Year title at the West Midlands Business Masters.

The business has also been shortlisted in the sustainability categories at the Birmingham Business Excellence Awards, Made in the Midlands and The Drinks Business Green Awards.


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