Aston Manor Cider earns top marks again


Aston Manor Cider earns top marks again

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We are rightfully proud of the quality and integrity of our operations across all sites.

This is often recognised through formal certification schemes like the Soil Accreditation we enjoy and awards like Grocer Gold Award for Own-Label (alcohol) supplier.

Over many years we have also secured the highest ‘A+’ rating in the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standards – something few producers achieve.

The BRC Global Standard is a pre-requisite to supply to many of the major retailers and an important audit of the quality of standards in all areas of a production environment.

There is now an ‘unannounced scheme’ operated by the BRC. With this scheme, as the name suggests, independent auditors can visit a production site without notice to conduct a full inspection.

Aston Manor Cider is one of a limited number of producers, at this stage, to have signed up for the unannounced scheme for both our Birmingham and Tiverton sites.

This month, we were visited by inspection teams at both locations and we are delighted to report we received the highest ‘A+’ rating in both instances.

Rod Clifford commented: “We know that we have excellent processes and a clear focus on quality.

“We also know we have very good people across all areas of the business both upholding high standards and looking for improvements.

“It is suitable recognition for them and excellent reassurance for our customers to know we achieve the highest rating even on an unannounced visit.”


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