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Acquisition of Aston Manor Cider by the Agrial Group

We have announced today that Aston Manor Cider has been acquired by the Agrial Group.

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31st August 2018

We have announced today that Aston Manor Cider has been acquired by the Agrial Group.

Agrial is a French farming and food cooperative which operates in 4 sectors: milk, fresh vegetables and fruit, beverages and meat.

Originally based in Normandy France, the Group has regularly expanded since its creation to become one of the leading French farming cooperatives and is today present in Europe, Africa and the United States.

The Beverage division operates in a number of sectors, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic and is France’s largest producer of cider.

Agrial are committed to the development and growth of cider both in Europe and other parts of the world the coming together of Aston Manor and Agrial provides a hugely exciting opportunity to create a global force in cider.

The strategic fit between the two companies is compelling and the vision and values of Agrial are absolutely aligned to those of Aston Manor.

Gordon Johncox, chief executive of Aston Manor Cider commented: “Aston Manor have been looking at strategic options and for a partner to continue the growth of the company and in doing so to broaden our offering.

“With Agrial we have found this partner, a strong group with a well-developed portfolio of products and a well-developed international platform. The operating philosophy and values of Agrial are closely aligned to our own and the leadership of Aston Manor are delighted with this agreement and the opportunities it brings.”

Marc Roubaud, managing director of the drinks division of Agrial commented: “It was crucial for Agrial to assert our global ambitions in the cider market by gaining a foothold in the World’s largest cider market, close to our heartland and the orchards of our members.

“Aston Manor Cider and Agrial are companies with a similar profile and with shared priorities on both brands and private label and we are excited to combine our strengths to offer all our customers.

James Ellis, chief financial officer at Aston Manor Cider and founding family member commented: “It was extremely important to my family that we found a new owner that mirrors our own values, that will offer strong custodianship of the family business that we have built and nurtured for 35 years.

“This deal, will provide both the company and our staff with continuing opportunities to grow. Agrial is the perfect fit, and we are delighted to build Aston Manor’s future with them.”

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