Private Label

We are the UKs leading supplier of private label cider and retailer brand solutions covering all styles of cider and packaging formats to suit all drinking occasions.

We have a highly experienced team of Cider Makers who will work with you to produce apple & flavoured ciders to match your requirements, supported by a team of compliance and project managers to ensure production deadlines. You also have the re-assurance of knowing that all three of our production sites are BRC accredited to global standards.

If you’re looking to produce a private label cider or exclusive retailer brand solution, we would love to hear from you.

Crumpton Oaks Pear Cider - Aston Manor Malvern Oak dry reserve cider - Aston Manor Golden Valley Cider 2 Litre Bottle - Aston Manor Duchy Originals Cider Spar Premium Reserve KP1 Frosty Jacks Cider 3L - Aston Manor Chardolini Cider - Aston Manor Friels 300ml - Aston Manor Crumpton Oaks Apple Cider - Aston Manor Malvern Gold medium reserve cider - Aston Manor Golden Valley Cider 3 Litre Bottle - Aston Manor KP2 Frosty Jacks 2L - Aston Manor Golden Valley Cider Can - Aston Manor KP3 Frosty Jacks 1L - Aston Manor Knights 500ml Knights 75cl Frosty Jacks Can - Aston Manor Frosty Jacks Apple - Aston Manor Friels 500ml Cider - Aston Manor Chardolini 1.5L Aston Manor Friels Barrel - Aston Manor