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Crumpton Oaks Farm is the home of Aston Manor ciders, situated in the Malvern Hills. From the orchards, comes the fruit to produce Crumpton Oaks Farmhouse Dry Cider and Crumpton Oaks Pear Cider.

Crumpton Oaks Farmhouse Dry Apple Cider is a crisp and refreshing cider, rich in colour with fruity characters, reflecting the inclusion of the finest bittersweet apples harvested and fermented at our Crumpton Oaks Farm.

Crumpton Oaks Pear Cider is crafted using only the finest dessert pears to create a smooth, easy drinking cider, with a crisp, fruity aroma and an unmistakeable taste of fresh pear.

Both the apple cider and pear cider are packaged in cans and plastic bottles offering the best options for retaining refreshment and affording convenience for consumers.


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Crumpton Oaks Pear Cider - Aston Manor Crumpton Oaks Apple Cider - Aston Manor