Corporate Social Responsibility

Aston Manor Cider is a responsible business and seeks to uphold high standards in all areas of operation. We work towards being a sustainable organisation and understand our responsibilities towards the communities where we have a presence, as an employer, as a producer of alcohol, and in our dealings with suppliers and customers. We adhere to both the spirit and detail of the regulation and guidance that apply to what to do.

In particular we are a signatory to the Portman Group Code of Practice, the Responsibility Deal and we are an active supporter of Drinkaware and their campaigns. PORTMAN GROUP AND DRINKAWARE

We are proud of the quality of our production standards and achieve the highest standards of accreditation in our industry – including BRC ‘A’ Grade accredited at Aston and Tiverton sites, members of the National Association of Cider Makers (NACM) as well as soil association certified at Malvern and Aston Sites. We also regularly win awards for our work as a supplier and supply organic ciders that adhere to the Soil Association standards.

In 2013 we announced a scheme to plant a further 1,000 acres of new orchards to supplement the existing 300 acres we manage at Malvern. Our commitment to the growers means we have offered them 25 year contracts. The new orchards will secure our supply of quality apples for decades to come and will improve further our carbon footprint.


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Click to view the Aston Manor Cider Statement of Compliance - Modern Slavery Act 2015